Preparing Files Checklist

CLICK HERE to get a checklist on how to reduce potential problems, insure prompt delivery and eliminate any additional charges associated with prepress changes. Please call our customer service team with any questions regarding this checklist. We want to work with you to eliminate problems before they occur.


Digital Proofing Systems

Computer to Plate Technology requires new technology for production and approval of color proofs both internally and by customers. The printing industry has undergone a number of significant changes during recent years. Perhaps the largest change being elimination of the Negative Offset Film process and replacing it with an Electronic Computer to Plate system. Since film is no longer required and images are sent directly to plate via CTP systems, a new form of proofing is required for the print buyer or designer to check their work before going to press. There are many types of proofing available today. Lake Erie Graphics chose the AGFA Sherpa systems of proofing.


Roll Up Display Specs

We have several Roll Up Display sizes to choose from. Click on the size you want to begin designing your own Roll Up Display.

31.5″ x 79″ (Promotion)
31.5″ x 79″ (Orient 800)
33.5″ x 66.5″ (Blade Lite 850)
35.5″ x 83″ (Orient 920)
39″ x 83″ (Orient 1000)
47.5″ x 77.5″ (Monster)
47″ x 78″ – New Adjustable Display! Heights adjust from 30″-78″ (RollSC47A)

How to Export PDF from InDesign with Lake Erie Graphics Setting

Download and unzip our setting and import into InDesign.
These files will work with both MAC and PC.
If needed you can also download instructions to help you load our settings on your own.

Creative Suite – Lake Erie Settings
Instructions on loading your own settings